the deadly hug of congress – could Modi ji become Prithvi Raj of 21st century

This article was published on website,  before the latest news of charge sheeting Chidambaram and his son.   It has many points that are culled from several sources and worth your time reading.

One thing is certain, Modi ji should not be fooled by hugs of Gandhi family, they have nothing but hunger for power and protection of the loot and if they are hugging him, it is to see that no serious action taken against them.   If congress is elected even through backdoor, they will see to it Narendra Modi will never come back to power, will haunt him with cases and even make field open to get him assassinated.   They will surely hang Amit shah on fabricated cases.   There are many forces guiding them. 
If  Chidambaram’s family publicly declares their loot is worth 100 billion dollars (not rupees), how much more Sonia looted.   When Modi ji said 51 lac crores NPA, we are talking close to 1 trillion dollars just NPA, leave alone other scams.   What a shame we cannot learn even from Pakistan (e.,g Nawaz Sharif) or from Malaysia due to the suicidal advice of fixers like Jaitley who stands to lose nothing whichever party is in power while most of  1.2 billion wallow in misery.   The irony is inaction by Modi ji (until today) was being used by Congress party saying there is no action because there are no scams!!!    Even if they are not arrested, first thing could have been done was to seize their assets/properties, like Pakistan did. 
There is real possibility Modi ji could become the Prithiv Raj of 21st century.   Please read on…. 

It is mind boggling of the many facts that we are hearing of Chidambaram family.   I read today four articles today, one is by MD Nalapat in Sunday Guardian, “Officials look to PM Modi to rescue economy from toxic cabal‘,  and rest on Pgurus, ‘What is Chidambaram real worth’? ,  ‘Tainted Chidambaram Embarasses the judges‘, ‘‘Chidambara Rahasya – Details of huge secret assets and foreign bank accounts of Chidambaram family’.

 [Karthi Chidambaram declaring openly on twitter that he is worth 100 billion dollars]


Here is Karthi Chidambaram (from second article) himself declaring openly on twitter that he is worth 100 billion dollars (not rupees, it is dollars!!!! ).  He is declaring that he is HNI (High Net worth Individual) with 6 lac crores rupees (equivalent to 100 billion dollars). 


The first article by Nalapat goes into all the details of the scams and how the money was made by Chidambaram from various scams, especially the Stock market manipulations and kickbacks from NPA loans and the whole pizzaz of participatory notes/hawala channels.


The next thing you see in third article is Chidambaram  who is on anticipatory bail from arrest by CBI, ED sitting next to soon to be Supreme Court Chief Justice, Ranjan Gogoi (brother of earlier Congress Assam CM Gogoi) and another Supreme Court justice Chandrachud (and who also happens to be part of bench hearing case on Karthik!!!!) in an Indian Express arranged event.   Wow!!!   India has laws for everything but not for considering it illegal those who are charged with cases attempting to hobnob with the very justices that will decide their cases.


The last article shows the details of 21 foreign accounts (including account numbers!!), with details of Chidambaram family investments in resorts, palatial and farm houses, even leagues in UK, Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, Phillippines etc., It is mind boggling accounts that no one has challenged the findings.

Here is Chidambaram bank accounts as reported in Pgurus article.

What  is going on?  Has India become a banana republic? You hear about these things, the connection between politicians, lutyens, media and judiciary but to see this allowed to go on even after 4 years of Modi Government questions whether Modi Government has the will to go after the Sonia/Chidambaram regime looters. Talk to man on the street today, he or she feels that Modi Government did very little to go after these looters.


In order to make 100 billion dollars worth loot, one just have to imagine how much money was allowed to be looted because this loot represents a cut in that loot.  Even if  Modi Government did not do all the schemes to improve India, if they have done one thing to clean up the corruption, India would have been on the path to become super power.    The inbuilt genius of the nation is only blocked and hampered by these crooks who are literally bilking the nation and destroying it from ground up.  Yes, the schemes to get direct payment to recipients, the electronic methods, bank accounts which Modi ji is working hard are all good, but it is still like cleaning the deep leprosy wounds and not addressing the wounds itself that are eating away the nation and perpetuating misery to 1.2 billion Indians.

[No wonder we have close to trillion dollars of Non Performing assets in the banks]

Just two days ago on a speech on women role in India, I heard a speaker say how we see many times a poor woman, a vegetable vendor working so hard in the heat to make an earning and at the same time educates children and saves money.   I then remembered growing up in South India, three decades ago, how such women, many times older women, used to beg city bus conductors to allow them to get in with their heavy vegetable baskets which they carried on their head in 117 degrees F temperature and many times the conductors showed pity on them.  There are millions of Indians suffering today not for lack of trying but lack of cash, lack of environment to improve.  In India cash crunch had deadly consequences in perpetuating the poverty of millions in the nation.  China’s progress is attributed by their Government actively giving large scale low interest loans to common citizens for their entrepreneurship.   Contrast the struggle of common man in India getting loans with these crooks loaning away literally billions of dollars to those who would give good kickbacks knowing full well there is no guarantee that the money will be paid back and who most likely would  default and run away living high life.  They used government banks as their personal kitty.   No wonder we have close to trillion dollars of Non Performing assets in the banks!!!


Then you hear about participatory notes where one can invest from abroad without any accountability of the source of funds and then take the money back in dollars (not rupees) without paying any tax!!!!  A nice system of  1) loot the country 2)  use hawala to get dollars 3) invest in stocks from abroad 4) manipulate the stocks abusing power and 5) take back without paying any taxes in dollars!!!!  What the hell is going on?


Modi ji with all his aims to improve the nation is keeping himself in a bubble with bureaucrats and Jaitley/Piyush Goyal who may not be clean themselves.  Jaitley is a fixer who has close connections to Congress and perhaps organizes funds for BJP elections  through his contacts.    BJP and Modi would not need this money if this system is cleaned, people are hungry to get rid of this corrupt politicians/lutyens, that is why they suffered silently in spite of all the discomforts of demonetization.   It is the common man who suffered the most during demonetization.  The vegetable vendor who has to earn that day to feed his or her family, the small time shopkeeper who bore the brunt of demonetization.   Even if BJP gave word  to congress crooks that they are safe if they come to power, whose words are more important to keep.  Is the words to millions of Indians in 2014 who voted for BJP/Modi that this corruption will be cleaned or the words given to these crooks to keep them safe?  People did not care for BJP, they looked for Modi, to help alleviate the suffering.

[How about these people who are causing so much misery and deaths due to poverty they imposed by their plunder,  these are worst murderers of the nation.]

There  are too many Indians suffering with polluted environment, lack of proper water, living a life in heat while these bastards are literally plundering the country and leaving the rest of India in hell.    As one TV anchor passionately said even the richest person in India cannot get clean air!  It is a shame we house one third of the world’s poor and every second child in the country goes hungry.    At least when a person murders another person, we arrest them and put them in jail.  How about these people who are causing so much misery and deaths due to poverty they imposed by their plunder, these are worst murderers of the nation.   As someone told me, Indians are the best innovators around the world, but India itself is 57th in the innovation ranking.  Why?  Because of its system of governance and the horrendous corruption that are holding like deadly tentacles on the throat of the nation.


[What a shame just next door, Nawaz Sharif was convicted, his properties seized his accounts frozen but India has not been able to get their hands on Sonia, Chidambaram, Sonia, Vadra, Maran, Praful patel. ]


What a shame just next door, Nawaz Sharif was convicted, his properties seized his accounts frozen but India has not been able to get their hands on Sonia, Chidambaram, Sonia, Vadra, Maran, Praful patel.  Worse their lutyens pawns still holding  highest official positions in the country?      It is said that most of lutyen bureaucrats make an average of 100 crores during their career.   Why not, if the finance minister son can make 6 lacs crores in one or two terms, small cut would amount to 100 crores and they will protect the minister like dogs because they have to save their own skin.


Sonia, Rahul freely roam around the world with two passports and have we become such a banana republic that we cannot confront this and put a stop to their fraud on India?   Gandhi family has become the glue for the horrendous corruption in India and it is timidity and himalayan blunder to lose this opportunity to get out the nation out of this clutches.   The cycle of corruption of looting and spending small amount of the loot to get reelected and then looting, leaving the billions in misery has to be stopped!! Let us learn from 92 year old Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir how he turned around the politics of corruption just within few days of being in the office.  


Mark these words, Jaitley/Piyush Goyal/lutyens and the likes are leading Modi in a direction that will spell disaster for the country and there is little chance Modi ji can come back in 2019 if something drastic is not taken.   Modi ji is literally living in a bubble surrounded by same elements of establishment/lutyens that can end up causing a deadly blow in 2019.

[Modi ji will end up being the Prithvi Raj of 21st century?]

It is said that there is a big possibility Chidambaram will use his billions and stock market manipulation skills to bring down stock market in the right time so that BJP will not get back in 2019.  Worse if Sonia Gandhi comes back to power, according to some sources, she is known to be vengeful and will make sure Modi goes to courts day after day and get Amit Shah hanged.  One would hope Modi ji comes to reality on fascist and anti-Indian mindset of Sonia Gandhi  and her supporting infrastructure both within and without the country and what they will do if he allows Congress come back to power through backdoor by his inaction.   India will go to dogs again!!!   Modi ji will end up being the Prithvi Raj of 21st century?


Cry India, Cry.






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