Rama Navami message to Karnataka BJP

As we celebrate Rama Navami, here is a humble message to Karnataka BJP leaders, who are alleged to not working in cohesive fashion to defeat Congress in the coming State elections. 

Talk to BJP workers in Karnataka and many voice their frustration that if only senior Karnataka BJP leaders come together and work hard,  BJP has an excellent chance to win Karnataka. The flip side is it has every chance to lose if they do not come together.   The workers talk about the publicly known differences between Santhosh ji and Yedurappa ji, the two factions driven by ambition to become CM, about several top leaders like Ananth Kumar simply not putting their heart to elections.


As we celebrate Rama Navami, we sometimes miss the message of Rama’s life in the midst of sometimes mindless rituals with little substance.   Rama is celebrated not because he is God incarnation from the heavens, but precisely because he is great model/example how a human being need to conduct life in spite of the travails of life.   Sadhguru said well, in modern terms, Rama is a failure, he had to leave the kingdom on the day of his coronation and forced to live in exile in forest (almost a death sentence in those days),  ended up getting his wife kidnapped and had to struggle through to fight a war to get back his wife, only to let her go soon after.   But why do not just Indians, but people in other countries such as Indonesia revere him, worship him, it is simply because he serves as a model on how a human being can lead life in the midst of enormous problems life can put in front of us. That is why we worship him.


For those politicians even in BJP, sadly even those like Santhosh ji who is from RSS, and other leaders jockeying for power, Rama’s message is telling. He was without a single hesitation was readily willing to leave the kingdom to his brother on the day he was to be coronated, the greatest empire of the days to ensure his father’s word is honored.  Not only that, he readily agreed to comply with the wish of his step mother who felt that his stay in Ayodhya will be a threat to her son’s throne, to live in exile for 14 years in deep forest.   What is so touching is, as Valmiki writes, after eliminating Ravana by end of 14 years exile, while giving a message to Bharata through Hanuman,  Rama said,  ‘look at the body language of Bharata, if you see any trace of desire to have the throne, to possess kingdom,  I have no desire to occupy that throne’.   This is Rama saying on Bharata who lived a life of a hermit like his brother outside Ayodhya, doing his duties as a proxy to Rama with Rama’s sandals on the throne and who vowed to immolate himself if Rama does not come back after 14 years and occupy the throne. 


That is our history.  That is the message of Rama and his brothers.  This is our culture.  I have met Santhosh ji in Bangalore many years ago when an activist introduced me as an NRI activist and I met wonderful RSS leaders of Karnataka.  I hope Santhosh ji and others for the sake of the country come together and get the country rid of this evil called Congress and other dynasties.   We do not get many chances and if we lose chance under leadership of Modi,  it will be long time before we will recover.  

Please think where you will be 3 or 4 decades from today, we will all be dust in the cremation ground,  and people would not even know our names, what are we going to leave for next generations.   How many selfish and brutal kings and their kingdoms have come and gone by?  What is this selfish ambition at the cost of the nation that has left us as a nation where every second child cannot afford a full meal for a day even after 70 years of independence?   Ours is a great culture, as Dalai Lama says, Indian civilization is a great example to the world and it was sustained for 10,000 years because of its inbuilt values and this loss of values, due to petty and corrupt rulers/politicians, our nation that had 23% of world’s GDP just over 200 years ago was reduced to 2% GDP by the time British left, and as Vivekananda said in 1890, reduced to 300 million skeletons (population of India at that time)!  We have a chance, if we come together to rise up this nation.  Let us at least learn from other countries like South Korea, Singapore, China how they lifted their nations from utter poverty in just a short time.  

India suffered enough due to lack of unity, starting from Prithiv Raj Chauhan and we as a culture continue to suffer today.   Even after  200 years of European plunder, we are left more with  nearly 70 more years of congress party plunder that left India with one third of global poor, weak institutions and constantly seeking funds from other nations.   The same Indians going abroad are successfully leading multi-billion dollar organizations.     While China whose GDP was even less than India in early 1980’s has progressed with leaps and bounds,  India is stuck far behind due to 10 years of UPA rule that left us far behind.  Karnataka election is crucial for 2019 elections.  Otherwise we have a real prospect of looters again come back to power and destroy the country.   It is a wake up call and let us make Rama as an example.

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