it is time to book Chidambarams

There is a criticism that seems fair when it said Malaysian Mahathir Mohamad did in 4 weeks what India did not do in 4 years on corruption under Narendra Modi ji.   In 2014 India was sick and tired of corruption and one scam after another totaling billions of dollars are believed to be looted in a country of 1.2 billion people with a per capita income of just about 1500$ per year.    The correlation between the poverty and corruption is not surprising.   At this juncture Narendra Modi ji was looked upon the light that will curb this and make the country towards the path of progress.    There is little doubt Narendra Modi ji working extremely hard at the age of 67 years working 16 hours a day,  rose the status of the country internationally and made many strides in development.    But if the country does not have a handle on the corruption, like a proverbial leaky bucket all that progress can vanish very quickly or mostly siphoned out, just as we have seen how the cost of elections, scale of corruption increased after whatever little development India accomplished under  PV Narasimha Rao and Vajpayee Governments.

I don’t think there is any doubt Chidambaram presided over the massive corruption in the history of India since India’s independence and he was ably supported by Sonia Gandhi with dumb and willing Manmohan Singh.     There is no dearth of evidence about him and his son and the many wheeling dealings with many players some of whom could also be across the parties including BJP.  According to some data his family is worth 3 billion dollars.  That is just a tip of the iceberg when you account that in order to gain that money how much more money was allowed to be looted by his cohorts, cronies and Delhi Lutyens.     The multi-billion dollar NPA did not just come by.   What can explain why there has been little serious investigations on  Sonia Gandhi on the many scams, Praful Patel (who destroyed Air India that India still cannot recover),  Maran, Vadra?   Mark Tully said India has never witnessed the scale of corruption as it did under Sonia and Sonia is now hoping to come back to power with little fear.


It is a matter of shame in a country where literally millions are struggling for their daily life, every second child does not know if it will have full meal that day and in a country that houses one third of global poor that these people amassing the amount of money that they cannot spent even a fraction of during their life time.  As one reporter pointed out, thousands of farmers are committing suicide for few thousand rupees loans and these crooks are getting away with billions stolen and let stolen, purchasing mansions abroad, living high life like kings and queens.    It is nothing short of mass murder of its citizens.   It is matter of bigger shame that China next door could bring 1.4 billion people out of poverty in just 3 decades and massive India’s poor still  struggling to eke their daily livelihood today and was not able to make a dent in spite of the biggest mandate in 2014.   The NPA crisis mostly created by high level corruption is believed to be stopping banks taking risk with genuine credit seekers who would actually create jobs and are life blood of emerging economy.  Will India be cursed forever?


India’ democracy has become a curse.   According to some the reason the crooks could not be pursued is because investigating them will also indict the oligarchs of India who are also funding elections in a country where there is little state support for election expenses.  Then there are others who say that there is some kind of silent agreement between BJP and Congress that in order to allow Modi to come to power BJP has agreed not to pursue cases against them.    Many point to none other than Jaitley who is believed to have close friendship with Congress leaders and is actively shielding them.     As a proof, people point to the same bureaucrats that were engaged under Chidambaram still running finance ministry.  They are not only shielding Chidambarams but are actually manipulated by Chidambaram and cronies who are apparently determining who would be selected for key positions related to finance in the country.   Even if there are honest officers, they are being threatened and silenced.  No one know who exactly owns ICICI bank but that bank is supposed to be collecting the millions of collections from GST.  Then there are those who say that Modi’s is too trusting of the very bureaucrats that are corrupt.


If you were to believe some,  Modi’s affection to Jaitley and his deferring him to these will seriously curtail Modi and BJP chances in 2019.  Rumor is Chidambaram and cronies will bring down India’s stock market before elections to stop Modi and BJP retaining power in 2019 and if Congress/Opposition is to gain power in 2019,  Modi will be made to run pillar to post to courts for many (fake) cases foisted on him and Amit Shah will be sacrificed for (fake) murders.


It is difficult to know what is truth and what is false, but there is one thing that one has little doubt.  Nothing hardly is done on corruption that is entrenched in India’s politics and bureaucracy and at the end of the day, Modi ji will be held responsible and India is paying a dear price.


Satya Dosapati

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