Does the pain of rape victim/family depends on the religion?

The recent Kathua incident is a chilling reminder of how media can fire up frenzy in the country without little regard to the fairness in reporting.  This is a sad incident that deserves to question our conscience just as so many such incidents being reported just in last few days.    The media frenzy seems to stem from the victim being a minority member (Muslim) and the perpetrator is a majority community member (Hindu) and to portray that there is a wave of Muslim persecution in the country under BJP/Narendra Modi rule.

However, the social media groups are circulating  so many incidents that are reported in the media itself where the minor victim is a Hindu and perpetrator are Muslims (see below) as recently as April 11th where three men  Muslims gang raped a 7 year old Hindu girl in Bijnor-amarujala (see all the incidents from just last few days below).   I have personally worked on the plight of Hindu girls in Muslim majority areas in West Bengal were there are many instances of minor girls  picked up and passed around to be raped in various places.  In fact, National Commission for Women, NCW has interviewed some of those girls in Kolkata 2 or 3 years ago.      Does victim has a religion or does the pain of family/child that goes through this feel differently because of what religion they belong to?
Links of media articles from just last few days minors being raped where religion of victim is Hindu and that of perpetrator is Muslim (as reported in social media).
What is alarming from the Asifa case is how it is being used to portray a false image of a wave of Muslim persecution in this country. The facts on the ground however tell the opposite tale.
Not one of the cases listed above happened prior to March 2018, and all of them have the same elements as those involving the Asifa case – multiple perpetrators coincidentally belonging to the same community, a minor victim belonging to the other community and the same gruesome,unspeakable acts.
Did you hear about them in the mainstream tv media? Did Javed Akhtar tweet about them? Did you see bollywood actresses wear extra make up and pose with a signboard with these news? I bet you did not. Spread the word, and ask them why this “Selective Outrage”.
Here are a few incidents in which there is a clear pattern of Muslims targeting Hindu minors:
1) Three-year-old girl is raped on a bus in India as her brother, five, pleaded with her attacker to leave her alone-dailymail,Mar 10th 2018(lUBzv):
2) 3 Muslim men Salman, Khursheed and Uvesh gang raped a 7 year old girl in Bijnor-amarujala,11 Apr 2018(JkJVp):
3) Muslim man Sajid arrested for attempting to rape a boy uttarakhand-jagran,10 Apr 2018(3f1s7):
4) Muslim man Imran abduct and raped 16 year old Hindu girl in Meerut-Amarujala,08 Apr 2018(duCQe):
5) Muslim man Ayyub murdered 4 year old girl after he failed to rape her in Muzaffarnagar-amarujala,09 Apr 2018(GfWhF):
6) Fateh, Muzammil, gaffar arrested for raping minor girl in Ghaziabad-amarujala,07 Apr 2018(34UgT):
7) 16 year old girl who left home in fit of anger met Ashfaq who raped her with,04 Apr 2018(Txehz):
8) Inteyaz Ansari and Afroz Ansari gang raped a minor girl in Jharkand-jagran,04 Apr 2018(1OZqV):
9) Muslim Maulana Shamsheer Raza raped 12 year old girl on roof of mosque and threatened her parents against filing the case-jagran,03 Apr 2018(qfpyR):
10) Aabed Mohammed Shaikh killed 4 year old Payal Prasad, chopped off her hands, because he owed Rs.1500/- to her father,10 April 2018:
11) Assam: Class V girl set on fire after gang rape, dies,March 2018:
12) Communal flare-up, after kidnapped 9-year-old girl recovered from scrap dealers shop,Mar 4, 2018:
13) 3-Year-Old Raped Inside Bus In Kolkata, Brother Pleaded With Accused To Let Her Go, March 6, 2018


What are the roots of this media frenzy?

The same media frenzy is seen during 2002 Gujarat riots where media houses would only interview Muslim victims but so many riots happened in same Gujarat prior to that, they did not receive such attention because in every one of them the Hindu community was most affected except  2002 riots where the Muslim community was most affected.   This is also reminiscent of Hindu spiritual leader  Sankaracharya arrest on Hindu festival Diwali day where with little respect or regard to majority community, media went on accusing him of all kinds of issues that Supreme Court has to deliver a warning to stop.    Arun Shourie, in his wonderful book,   ‘Harvesting our Souls’, goes into details of how this was done in not just one incident, but incident after incident where Christian missionary organizations and media colluded to create such frenzies to ensure that conversion activity in India goes unabated.   In this presentation ‘Death to Hinduism‘ viewed by thousands or even lacs of people on social media it goes into all the details of what is happening in India by Christian Missionaries in collusion with Congress and Sonia Gandhi.   Rajiv Malhotra, in ‘Breaking India’ book  have detailed about the efforts of these organizations including the Dravidian movements or the frenzy after Gujarat riots. 

As days go by and central elections come near,  we are going to see every small incident blown up and even given international attention. Not  just that, incidents will be increasingly engineered by professional protesters and hoodlums as we have seen with SC/ST related ruling, farmers protests.  Every possible incident where BJP and Modi can look bad will be blown up.   Congress with its enormous resources have decided that they do not have to wait for another term of Modi and can bring down Modi in 2019.
Modi ji can learn something from Trump
Modi ji can learn something from Trump on calling out the media for what it is.   Selective presentation of facts and the frenzy is nothing short of propaganda.   As 2019 elections come closer, there will be frenzy to show Modi and BJP in a poor light by blowing up things.  Not just that, there will be more engineered riots using professional rioters to divide the country.   Not a single BJP leader questioned these facts and ask a simple question, ‘Does the pain of rape victim/family depends on the religion?’    There is hardly any BJP social media questioning things and it is believed that congress with its enormous resources not only paid the journalists large sums to spin stories but also buy out those who are working for BJP to subdue any response.




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