“Brutal New India” – Rahul Gandhi is suffering from amnesia (the brutal murder of holy seer)

The brutality of Congress on India’s population is unimaginable and for Rahul Gandhi to tweet ‘Brutal New India’ is reprehensible and down right dirty.   Here are some pictures I want to share from murder of a holy seer, Swami Laxmananda masterminded by Sonia UPA Rajya Sabha member Radhakant Nayak  with Church/missionaries because the seer’s activities in Orissa tribal belts were  hindering conversions.  The connection between Congress, missionaries/Church,  Naxals with active support of foreign NGOs is so apparent that today India is facing a real threat of break up of India.  Could this murder happen without the tacit support of Sonia Gandhi? 

Congress raped the nation, divided it in the name of religion/region/caste and looted it to such an extent,  that the  Sonia UPA finance minister’s son himself boasting his families’ worth is 100 billion dollars!! This represents a cut in the loot!!   They created a country where one third of the world poor live in this country, every second child goes hungry every day and majority of the nation still living with the most basic means of survival even after 70 years of independence.  This is the mass murder, the brutality which is pervasive all over India today.   They show more concern for terrorists and criminals than for common man.  They talk of Muslims but hold Muslim women to clutches of clergy.   They want countrys’ resources to their vote banks but not to every Indian.  The least these vultures could have done in the years in the opposition during last few years is to reflect and repent. But nay, the old habits die hard, the criminal mind is frozen to effect any change, even hardening.

In the pictures below, note what the church planning document of the murder of holy seer says, ‘As per the direction/command of our Bishop (Parson/Vicar), it was resolved/decided to offer/sacrifice to the Lord for his pleasure within coming 3 months, the Satanic activites that stand opposed to the expansion of the Work in all the abbey circles of our Parish’.   The perversion is more so apparent when they executed this murder of a holy seer and his colleagues on a very holy festival day (of Krishna Janmashtami), supposedly to send a message, “see how useless your gods are, they could not save you!!!” 

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