BJP should not underestimate Rahul Gandhi – most wars lost since enemy was underestimated or laughed at

In the din of the twitter world, one thing that I noticed that we cannot forget the lesson of history.


I repeat:RaGa is not naive or Buddhu–he has wickednessof his grand ma and viciousness of his mom–He has become a major force and strings held from Europe- Most wars lost since enemy was underestimated or laughed at:)))RT


While I may not agree with all of it, Rahul Gandhi should not be ignored.   It is not what he is, but who is running the show behind him who will gain the reins of India and potentially break India beyond repair if he gains power.   I know from people who interacted with him, those who have known him for long time (and which is also apparent to anyone who sees his public appearances), that he has neither confidence nor brains and most likely a persistent drug addict.   It is said ‘better to have an intelligent enemy than a stupid friend’ and it is far more dangerous to have a stupid enemy acting as a proxy to foreign forces.  


In this article, Mark Tully (who has earlier written on corruption under Sonia) writes how media is underestimating Rahul Gandhi just as they did with Sonia Gandhi in 2004.   It is important we understand this.   While Tully seem to indicate that it is Sonia’s brains which accomplished it, it is accomplished by the mystery deaths of congress leaders (Madhav Rao Scinida, Jitendra Prasad etc) perhaps by Vatican Opus Dei with active guidance of proxies.   On the day she declared herself President of Congress party, her goons locked up the then Congress Party President Sitaram Kesari in a toilet!!


Until the opposition parties felt they have chance to defeat Modi  in 2019 after the spate of bye-election BJP losses, Rahul Gandhi could be heard saying that he will become a PM in 2024?   Why was he saying 2024 instead of 2019?   His handlers, the Church, foreign NGOs are guiding him that with the aggressive conversions of Dalits and tribals he can count on most of the 25% of the India’s electorate by 2024.  Add to this the Muslim population of nearly 20% with high  birth rate, he has the magic number of 45% to get power in India which even with some losses account to nearly 40%.   The rest of the community, Hindus can be easily divided by pitting one against another.     


Rahul Gandhi may not have brains to think through all this, but his handlers will do all the thinking like we see all his ‘intelligent’ tweets but find he cannot  give a press conference for more than 2 minutes.  


Let us not forget he has the Church with enormous resources that no political party can possibly have with 2000 years of  experience destroying civilizations and planting Christian rulers or proxies, from Americas to Africa to Asia.     In an article in ‘The Hindu’ March 13, 2001 it reported:
“Per 1989 data, globally, churches spend 145 billion dollars, command four million full time workers, run 13,000 libraries, publish 22,000 periodicals and four billion tracts a year, operate 1,890 raido stations.  There are a quarter million foreign missionaries, over 400 institutions to train them”.    
Now add to this the many billions Sonia/Congress and her cohorts looted which they have at their disposal to buy media, thinkers and all the traitors who will not hesitate to sell India for a dime.
Let us not forget this: 
Most wars lost since enemy was underestimated or laughed at.
1) Death of Hindusim, how Churches/Foreign NGOs are heading to break India and how India went through highest rate of conversions during Sonia regime (23% of combined Andhra was converted to during Sonia/YSR rule)
2) ‘The Killing fields of India’ where Islamists had free reign under Sonia Congress
3) Plunder of India by Sonia/UPA – where billions were looted in many scams
4) Breaking India, by Rajiv Malhotra
5) Harvesting Our Souls, by Arun Shourie
6)  Mark Tully, ‘Is Press Underestimating Rahul as it once did with Sonia’  

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