BJP pseudo-seculars – suicidal for 2019

If one thing BJP should learn from Trump is deliver your promises to your base.   Supporting your base does not necessarily mean you go against those who are not your base, many times the most vocal ones do not necessarily have ground support like leftists who have great vocal power but hardly rule one state in India.

I remember speaking to Sudheendhra Kulkarni after 2009 loss of elections by BJP, it took me less than 2 minutes how BJP could lose with that type of thinking.   That man was lost.  There are many such elements in BJP and perhaps it is a Hindu mind, once they are comforted in power, they try to become grandiose minds showing off they are bighearted by trampling upon the rights and sentiments of their own base.   I hope they are not in for rude shock in 2019 because if India has to progress Modi needs to be at helm for at least 2 more terms.


Talk to some activists, they bristle with anger how Sushma Swaraj handled passport officer Vikas Misra based on a tweet from a Hindu lady marrying a Muslim man.   It is wonderful to see leaders responding as someone told me how a simple tweet by a lady passenger in a train who was fearing her safety tweeted Suresh Prabhu and he immediately acted on it so that the lady gets security before train reached the next station.   It is amazing and mind boggling the strength of social media and shows the leadership qualities of some BJP leaders.   There is nothing wrong with Sushma ji felt she should act on it, but what is she trying to prove by going overboard and transferring officer without a proper inquiry.   Is she not trampling on the rights of the officer who is simply doing his diligent duty?   Apparently, just to help legitimize her action, Sushma ji’s department changed police verification rules from  6 or 7 rules to just 2 rules (Indian citizenship and criminal cases) and then they soon retracted because other rules are still very essential.   If this is true, what is she trying to prove, a great bighearted leader helping a hapless lady by unfairly targeting your own officer.  Shame.


Then there is the case of Taslima Nasreen who wanted to visit Ajanta/Ellora and who secretly alerted the State administration about her brief visit to Aurangabad in Maharashtra on her way to Ajanta/Ellora.    There a local MIM MLA gathered 150 Islamic fundamentalists to protest against her and apparently the police did not allow Taslima to come out of aiport and send her back.   As someone commented when did Maharashtra become another West Bengal?    What a shame that Fadnavis Government cannot protect the rights of a lady? Contrast this with what John F Kennedy did to protect the right of a single black man who was being blocked from attending university by white racists in the South.   He stationed federal troops in the town for the entire duration of university study just to protect rights of a single black man!!!!   What a spineless nation we have become that even the Government cannot protect the rights of its citizens just because few fundamentalists decided to protest.  (Note: Taslima is Swedish citizen most likely because India never gave her one).


Then the most shameful of all is attempting to remove anti-conversion bill in Arunchal Pradesh with already 50% converted.    The forces doing it are anti-India breaking India forces such as Church, CIA, USAID and there is so much documentation on this and who is proposing these and who in BJP approving it.   If there  are misuses of the law, it can be addressed but not by giving in to the very missionaries that are engaging in mass conversions throughout India and openly saying they plan to break India.


It is bad enough that BJP base was deeply affected with things like RTE act that has tremendously affected only Hindus.  While even Government schools are exempt why is it only targeting only Hindus where literally many thousands of Hindu owned schools were closed down.  Minority schools, especially Islamic and Christian which work with an agenda and who are not interested in inculcating nationalist ideas are mushrooming without the burden of these rules.  Hindus do not have same rights and benefits as minorities in their own country.  This is gross discrimination that is driving ancient institutions like RK mission and even Lingayats to be separated from Hindu and be categorized as minority.  Will any Christian in a Christian West or Muslims in Muslim countries allow this kind of rules?   In Islamic Malaysia, Bhumiputra severely disadvantages minority Tamil Hindus/Chinese and Saudi Arabia that does not allow any other religion worship even in the privacy of ones home (while spending billions of dollars building Mosques all over the world).  Then there is not even talk about why Hindu temples are under Government control and billions of Hindus funds are used for secular purposes.  Will any party dare to do that for minority worship places.


Of course, the most emotional one is Ayodhya Ram Mandir which went through so much investigations and legal proceedings and even today stands as a symbol of the brutal Islamic invasions of India.   BJP learnt a lesson in UP bye-elections where they ignored sugarcane farmers thinking that they have nowhere else to go, but people surprised them.


BJP should not take their base for granted and learn a lesson or two from Trump.   Maybe there is a lesson even Congress can teach when they say they are Muslim party!!  At the end of the day, all that grandiose thinking, empty large bigheartedness by few BJP pseudo-secular leaders at the expense of their own base can potentially leave them empty handed in 2019 and India will be the biggest loser.






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